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Pick-Up/Drop-Off Info

Silent Dismissal Procedures

During dismissal time, so that we may ensure safety for staff and students, the office is closed to visitors or drop ins. Families must call ahead and make an appointment. School is from 8:25-3:10. Student dismissal begins at 3:10. 

Early Pick Up:

  • Parents/guardians who wish to have their child dismissed early for an appointment will need to call in advance and let us know and then call upon arrival. 

  • We will not be able to dismiss students after 2:45pm. Beginning at 2:45pm students will need to be picked up as part of the school wide dismissal procedure.

Regular Dismissal:

We will be using Silent Dismissal. Each family should have a car tag with a corresponding  number that is identified in your child’s classroom.  This will be used for pick up via car, or walking. 

It is extremely important that families have this car tag at pick up. 

  • Teachers need to have Silent Dismissal open on their computer (projected is best) by 3:05.

  • Staff will scan the QR code, which then notifies the teacher to dismiss your student to the appropriate location. 

  • Families with multiple children will just need one tag.

  • If a replacement is needed, direct families to call the office and we can get a new one.

  • At the beginning of the year, we communicate with families to find out about the pick up location (i.e., car pick up, walking back area, walking front of school pick-up, bus) and we will log that as the usual way that student is dismissed.

  • Please email your teacher in the morning or call the front office at (253)-891-4600 if there is a pick-up location change.

Car Pick-Up

We will have 2 car pick up lanes on the playground behind the school. We ask that families follow all signs and pull their car forward. We will be loading 2 lanes at a time and releasing those lanes once all cars are loaded, allowing the next group to stage for loading of students. Please follow staff directions to help ensure safety of the students as they load into cars. We ask that you have patience as parents/families learn the system. It generally takes about a week for everything to begin to run smoothly.




Students in 3rd-5th grade may be dismissed to walk home without an adult, with parent permission. Please notify the front office if this is the case. They may also pick up younger siblings and walk home.

Parents/guardians walking to meet their students will need  to have the QR code and come to the front of the school or to the back pick up location. The code will be scanned and the student will know to come to that location.

Walking pick up locations are: Front of school and back area by the gym door.